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Individuals Price: 2.8 RON/sqm

Legal Price: 3.5 RON/sqm

    Med Clean proposes all interested partners to bring value to their health, to live in a healthy environment. If we were doctors we would treat some health problems but we are specialists in antibacterial cleaning and we help you prevent them.
Starting from this idea we have formed a professional team which makes and maintaines a healthy life. We use professional products for cleaning up the house and the office where you work, the hospital or medical office where you go at least once a year for analysis, public and financial institutions that you visit frequently, the school where your child is studying or any other enviroment.
Please find more details about Med Clean  professional cleaning and we will provide to serve successfully.

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    In order to be closer to your needs Med Clean team involves in up to 3 hours to any request from the counties where we operate... | more |